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Growing up, we had that most treasured one toy. It was outside. This toy outside had many thrills and adventures than any video game ever invented.

We would sweat out our little brows climbing trees, skipping rope, racing, football, swimming and all those outdoor games you enjoyed.

Fast-forward to today, just look around you. What’s there to smile about?

Dry riverbeds, dusty fields and dry air under the scorching sun. By the human hand, forest paths paved way to streets.

Massive logging, where day in day out, trucks drive out of forests loaded with fresh cut trees. I don’t hear of replanting.

Nobel laureate Prof. Wangari Mathaai once said “If you destroy nature, nature will destroy you!”

Nature and human beings should play the ‘rub my back I rub yours’. Its our responsibility to conserve and protect the forests and wildlife and use natural resources responsibly.

We must mind the welfare of the next generation and set a good example from the word go.

Global warming is our punishment for destructive logging, improper disposal of chemicals and plastics.

There is enough for everyone and everybody, if everyone took the responsibility of managing and conserving nature.

Lets celebrate our important dates in style. Plant a tree during your birthday, anniversaries and commemorations.

Imagine of clean flowing streams, green vast forests and plenty of healthy wildlife. Nirvana country it must be!

Plant a tree, save a life!

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