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Grace Austina Okpo

What was growing up like, being born to a soldier father?

I was quite small when my daddy left the army. I recall seeing him in uniform only once. We never quite lived the ‘barracks’ life but the soldier in him never left. He was a strict disciplinarian.

How long have you been writing?

Unofficially, since my teens. Officially, I would say since 1998, though I only just published my first work in 2014.

What are those themes in the society that catch your interest as a writer?

Women in desperate situations, vulnerable children, grass to grace situations. I believe in happy endings. I call myself an advocate for women and children; I hate to see children suffer.

That means your writings are basically comedy; ending happily?

No. I suppose you have read The Break, Onion Tears and Momster? None of my stories are comedy. What I mean by happy endings is that I take my characters from grass through to when they end up as successful or as heroes.

What does writing mean to you?

Writing is my life…when happy, sad l write. When I have things bothering my mind, until I write them down, peace somehow eludes me.

Having identified your passion for reading and writing, why did you study Laboratory Technology?

When I was in Secondary School, it was common place to see brilliant kids in the science class. My parents wanted me to either become a doctor, pharmacist or an engineer. That was their definition of “a success” I ended up a scientist to please them but I knew where my passion laid.

Afterwards, did you take up a professional degree or course in Writing/Literature?

Yes, one or two short writing courses here and there. But basically, my writing stems from my insides. I have read over 200 novels, at the risk of sounding immodest.

200? Impressive!

I guess it’s a whole lot more if I pause to actually count. I love to read, and as I read, I learn also. I have also vested a lot in books that teach creative writing, grammar, and composition.

Besides writing, what else do you do?

 I’ve been a Sales Marketing Executive for years. I still consult in that capacity.


You’re an author of My Friend The Returnee, how do you keep your inspiration to complete a book?

Like I said before, my stories are about grass to grace situations and my desire to see the outcome turn out well is all the inspiration that I need. Often times, I begin the story with an end in mind, so necessity now behoves me to work my characters and scenarios towards getting to that expected end.

So what challenges have you faced in getting published?

It is difficult getting publishers to work   with you as a budding writer. I have personally funded my works so far, which ought not to be so. My initial intentions had been to write to fulfill my long time passion. I never factored in the costs I’ve incurred so far in the course of pursuing the said passion. But each time someone reads any of my books and tells me how much inspiration was derived, I am happy and say to myself, “It was worth it afterall!”

What fears do you struggle with in your writing career?

The fear of not turning out an interesting read is every writer’s dilemma. There’s also the fear of not having an impactful influence with your works. I believe every writer is on a mission to influence, no matter how little.

Okay, so would you say Writing is a lucrative discipline for one to enter  full time?

There are factors to consider especially in a society like ours, however all things being equal, I would advise that the intending writer does so, first for the love of the profession. That way, money or not, you will not give up.

Do you feel fulfilled being a writer?

Yes and no. I believe better days are coming.

Can you tell us the significance of your book title “Onion Tears” to the storyline?

Onion Tears was inspired by the stories of three different women, mine inclusive. As you would have noticed, the story revolves around a polygamous setting and the neglect that a part of the family had to suffer  (in silence) as a result.

Mama Stella depicts the many women in abusive marriages all around us who would rather stay in the marriage and endure all forms of maltreatment and/or abuse, in the name of doing so for the sake of their children. They would rather claim it is “Onion Tears” to their children instead of opening up to their children about the pains and emotional trauma they suffer.

When was the fiction “Momster”, published and what inspired you to write it?

Momster and Onion Tears were published by Acacia Publishers this year. I was inspired to write Momster after listening to the story of three different women who grew up around the same time I did. Parents then errored lots in the name of upbringing and discipline. I for one, was a victim of much verbal and emotional abuse in the course of growing up, so listening to them recount their experiences took me down memory lane and so Momster was born. I had earlier used the working title “Child Interrupted” but changed it later on to Momster.

It is a wake up call to parents of today,  in bringing them face to face with realities present in our society of child abuse, which is not necessarily sexual abuse alone. Gather five people together today who were raised in the 70s – 90s and three out of them will have almost identical encounters that you could almost think that all parents attended one school or perhaps, were taught by one person. And much of what they called discipline or upbringing in those days were just plain cruelty.

Momster is a cry as well, to parents of today (many of whom suffer what I did) that we ought to be better and not necessarily follow after the mould of our forbearers.

How can one get your books? Any link?      

My books are on Amazon and lulu.com for now. You can buy any of my three eBooks (The Break, Onion Tears and Momster) just by typing the title.

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