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Amedu Francis Obiabo

Amedu Francis Obiabo is a lawyer practicing in Abuja, Nigeria. Aside from the law practice, he is passionate about social development and human advancement. In order to actualise his dream regarding social development and human advancement, he founded and incorporated a non-governmental organization known as the Outstanding Citizen’s Humanitarian Initiative which is focused on promoting citizen’s participation in governance and developmental processes.

On how he is able to cope as a writer and a lawyer, Amedu says. “Lawyers write every day… preparing briefs and articulating the case of the client in a logical and coherent manner prepares most lawyers to be good writers. Basically we always find time to do what we love and I always make out time out of my busy schedule to scribble something down because writing for me is an obsession.”

Amedu began writing at an early age. This is because at a tender age, he became intrigued by local folktales, legends and stories of tribal hero’s that was narrated by his elders during trips to the village. This ignited his passion to read everything literary that he came across. It didn’t take long before he attempted to write those stories and poems that he had heard and read in the books. It was through the books that he discovered his identity and found his connection with his people and the rest of the world.

On the inspiration behind his book, Real Secrets of the Privileged Few, Amedu says, “Everything about life, humanity and the world in general inspired my writing the book which incidentally is my debut book. The book is my attempt to start a conversation that would force people to re-examine their lives vis-à-vis where they are and where they could get to if exposed to the right information. I hope this book would provide that kind of  information that would transform the life of the readers.”

Publishing, however, remains a major challenge. He summarises the publishing challenge in Nigeria as follows, “Publishing has remained very difficult and expensive because of our stubborn insistence on following old ways, I have no problem if you have enough money to publish hard copies of your book but speaking for myself I think the days of the paperback book is numbered. The earlier we embrace e-books, the easier life becomes for the reader and the writer at the same time. While publication of hard books could be stressful and expensive, from my experience e- book publish brings book publishing down to everybody’s level, and makes publishing accessible to all.”

On the role of the government, he says, “I am always suspicious when people mention, the word government! Who is government? The truth is reading is self-liberating, all the secrets are in the books and anybody who is keen on the betterment of his life should seek out that which would make his life better. For the writers I think they can improve the reading culture by adopting new technologies that will help them reach a greater audience. Once the writer has done that, I think his task is complete. The job of the writer is to make his book available and accessible once he does that, it becomes the responsibility of the reader to pick up the book and read.”

Amedu has great plans for the future. He plans to start a new writer’s academy. He also intends to strengthen the various book clubs he belongs to so as to enable them penetrate the youth more easily. He would also like to be remembered as the person who exposed all the secrets of the privileged few.

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