THE BANALITY OF FEMINISM – Ohioma Evbogame (yomzee)

A house built on a shaky foundation most likely ends in catastrophe. Unfolding occurrences such as increasing divorce rates and domestic violence is a menace that has escalated with the advent of the social media age. The social media has crippled the feminist movement to mere banality and its core value of liberation of the female gender and not equality per se is now being eroded and now used as a tool by some self-acclaimed feminist and their minions to front their over-spirited, ill-mannered, truculent and egoistic tendencies. The plethora of double standards infused in the movement is another reason why I believe that feminism which should mean a transformed society is just a little below or mainstream media itself.

It is only inevitable that divorce and domestic violence as a result of online feminism will be on the rise as many young ladies are more concerned with the hash tags and not the transformation of a system challenged not only by the protracted brash and unfair treatment shrouded in sentiments meted on the female folks but also by conflict that could have been avoidable if a human being as an entity regardless of gender abides by the very act to exhibit reason in every pre-conceived action. Rather than address and tackle the fundamental issues and root cause, the media space is bloated with catchphrases such as #bosslady #girlpower #realmedonthitwomen #iamfeminist #menaredogs etc. and even more recently branded t-shirts with the inscription “men are trash” for the purpose of making profit (which I find pathetic). While there is yet to be a word that means men-rights or serves as a direct antonym for feminism, it is important that the core value of the movement which is liberation – liberation from the perception of romance that keeps a woman in bondage or dormancy; liberation from the old way of living to a new way of life- should always be visible and indicative of women wanting to live the way men live.

It would be nice to have campaigns instructive on how to become a “proper lady” full of graciousness, virtue and not intransigence. The trait of aggression might probably ball down to individual differences but I am of the opinion that a lady who is less aggressive and mischievous will be less prone to domestic violence and violence from anyone regardless of the gender except in very rare unfortunate cases. Often time aggression is misconstrued for confidence by ladies but confidence in a lady does not necessarily need to translate to aggression in every case. I am sometimes faced with the conundrum of understanding why biology which is concerned with the study of life, living organisms and their function links testosterone which is male dominant hormone to aggression but then in physics unlike charges attract and like charges repel insinuating that the creator has a created us male and female to cohabit peacefully without such unfortunate incidences that increasingly proliferate our society. It would be nice if the feminist movement start up campaigns that discourage women from engaging in any act that dehumanizes men in any form because I believe it is a probable cause for the unabated domestic violence in our society. I lay claims to the fact that our higher sense of reasoning is what makes us human beings distinguishing us from animals and if the integrity of being a human being in itself is compromised then you are left with animal with an altered sense of reasoning. This explains inhumane acts such as domestic violence, murder and suicide.

In conclusion, as an unapologetic believer in a world with equal rights for mankind, a world where respect is reciprocal, a world where love and respect for a “human being” is preached and practiced so as not to strike a person regardless of the gender, a world where domestic violence is not portrayed  as an act limited to a male partner beating a female partner but instead a common menace, a world where speaking up against domestic violence doesn’t automatically translate to airing dirty laundries on Instagram and a world where the feminist movement is not banal. I encourage women who practice bigotry for feminism to see men not as competitors but collaborators in the transformation of an imperfect society. Live and let live.

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