BEAUTY – Abdulhafeez T Oyewole

If there’s nothing to wish away in you,
Then, there’s something to pick from you.
Perhaps, something that’s not lost
in the whiteness of your teeth,
In the lines of your palm,
In the smoothness of your skin,
In the tan of your colour,
In the strands of your hair.

If there’s always something to behold in you,
Then, there’s something to hold onto in you.
Perhaps, something that’s more than
Your concrete eyes. Something that seizes
the sight,
That brings calmness to the humiliating air,
That breathes life to the lifeless darkness,
That wakes potency in the budding sun.

If there’s nothing to do away with in you,
Then, you must be the gold that
sacks poverty,
You must be the melody in
the orchestras’ songs,
You must be heartfelt depth of
the lyre’s lyrics,
You must be the pithiness in poetry.

Abdulhafeez T Oyewole is a Nigerian poet and a radio presenter with two poetry collections: Tides of Verses (2015) and Air Around Us (2017). Apart from writing, he also teaches and blog at his spare time. His works have featured in both print and online literary platforms such as Prachya Review, Al-Qist Magazine, Ar-Risalah Newsletter/Magazine, Herald Newspaper among others.

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