This Book – Charity Kuria

By now, the driver is rally racing taking corners and bends at a professional speed but nobody seems to mind. Actually, it is as if they are urging him on, probably to get to their place of work on time at least.


The book holds her attention like magnet and soon she has lost touch with the physical world up until the sudden sounds of screeching tyres and the deafening bang. Being forcefully thrust forward and tossed out of her seat knocking heads with another disoriented passenger but not before catching glimpse of the infant’s surprised look and the mother holding tightly onto him.
The vehicle rolls several times spitting out blood stained bodies on its wake downhill before finally coming to an abrupt stop below a tree escaping the cliff by inches. It all comes in flashes, the force followed by distant painful moans and groans, the blood and smell of death before she slips into a black still world. The book surprisingly still held open in her hands.



Charity Kuria is a writer, journalist and editor born and raised in Limuru of Kiambu County, Kenya. Charity holds a degree in Mass Communication and Publishing from St Paul’s University and a member of Writers’ Guild Kenya. Writing is therapeutic for Charity and hence works both ways, professionally and as a hobby. Charity’s blog is Charity has also worked previously with Kenya Television service (KTS) and Kenya News Agency (KNA) and been writing for several publications. Hobbies include painting, travelling and reading fiction.

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