If Eve wasn’t Created – Akinrinade Funminiyi Isaac (Esv_Keks)

If Eve wasn’t created

I wonder how lonely he would wander
As a cloud over a moving train.
Leaving a message for the traveler,
Wrapped in an envelope of rain.

If Eve wasn’t carved from his ribs,
I wonder how formed his
body would be.
Flying over mighty vales and hills
And dining daily with swarms of bee.

If Eve never smelled the odorless odor
From the creepy creature’s hideout.
I imagine how he would get a decoder,
To decipher the beast’s dugout.

If Eve never cried when formed,
I marvel at the Deity-Men bond
With nuts and bolts, tightly fastened.
Where they part to meet on Eden’s pond.

If Eve never existed as a creature,
How then could I pen this piece?
Nature is Eve, Eve is nature,
To jointly proclaim for a raging peace.


Yay! Eve was created, hail the creator,
A bard’s spirit could not but be elated
Amidst daughters of Eve in a theatre.
An ode to God of the living dead.



Akinrinade Funminiyi Isaac, with the pseudonym Esv_Keks is an upcoming poet, who has written many unpublished poems. He’s currently studying Estate Management at Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Osun State.

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