The once lit room became blind-dark. He pushed his frame through the darkness, dragging his feet on the floor as though to grab attention. Near the bed, he landed his bony frame on the hay-built mattress. Though not less than seven years of age, it still looked as fresh as ripe tomatoes. He pushed his arms through the darkness. Agilely but carefully as though to avoid something while in search of same. His hand landed on a soft, fleshy material. His eyes beamed with pleasure. He rested his hands peacefully on the fleshy material. Moved it slowly downwards as though to check its degree of smoothness. His hands found a junction. A road down the soft, fleshy material separated by a shallow cleft spreading into two hilly roads. He moved his hands again. Slowly. Then his hands met a rough surface which brought a rattling sound. “Stop it!” A voice said. It was Adwoa, his wife. “But why?” Jonas asked. “Just stop it!” She yelled. “come on! What’s wrong?” “Just stop it! What did I tell you about this?” Adwoa asked. “But I am your husband,” Jonas said. “And so what?” She rebutted.
“What qualifies you to be a man in the first place?” She continued. Silence. Seconds became minutes. Ten minutes passed. He placed his hands over the same spot again. ‘Pai!’A slap landed on his face almost bulging his eyes out. “What is this huh?”  “Didn’t I tell you to pay before you touch me?” Where is your money?” Adwoa barked. Jonas got up and moved toward the switch, turned it on and saw the huge figure of Adwoa resting on his bed. Like a lion after its prey, he pounced on her, throwing blows in succession regardless where each landed. Adwoa found breathing space when he had had enough of the fight. She located a bottle which stood on a table in the nearest corner. Jonas turned around quickly only to meet Adwoa’s hand raised mid-way in an attempt to rest the bottle on his head. Reluctantly, he pushed her. She fell flat on the tiled floor, landing her head heavily on the floor. All left were a blood-stained floor, an insentient Adwoa and a dazed Jonas.

Gabla Godwin who is popularly known in the literary scenes as GGABLA is a multi talented young man from Ghana. He is a final year teacher trainee of Akatsi College of Education and he is the proud author of the novel “Doom’s Dawn: A Tale Of A Cultist” which is available on Amazon Kindle. He has several poems and short stories to his credit as well.

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