The Major in charge of the army cantonment believes every man is responsible for his actions but today he seemed to see reasons with the officer’s wives when they blame it on Mama Betu, that she uses charm in her local Brew. The women carrying placards march to the major’s office in protest for the arrest of Mama Betu. The major had suspended half of its officers for misplacing or forgetting their guns at Mama Betu’s Bar but now that it’s become a serial case, he thinks the women are right. Most annoying for the women is their husbands even forget the groceries they buy for evening meals in her Bar. But her customers insist she is just good. The Major promises the women he will handle it and he meant it.

Mama Betu  runs a special  Bar close to the cantonment, built with zinc roof  using sticks as pillars, planks are sitting chairs, no windows, no doors or  walls, flies buzzing around. She sells the local Brew in a Calabash.

The next day, military police arrest Mama Betu and after long hours of interrogation she insist her Brew is pure, to prove her innocence while in the cell, she must prepare her local Brew under supervision for officers to drink and test the strong intoxicating effects. The officers soaked the Guinea Corn, Cero and Yeast for two days and grand it. They search her thoroughly before she started boiling the fermented ingredients with dexterity. She instructs them to wait till the next day to ferment before drinking. Every officer including the Major was present. As they started drinking, in minutes all officers started dumping their guns, shoes…, completely intoxicated, he, the Major, before passing out looks at Mama Betu and said, they say YOU’RE GOOD, but YOU’RE GOOD AT IT!

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