The Jazz driver – Isha_Oni

Forgive me oh Lord!
For my sins are not swords

Flowing blood like river Nile
People wailing at the bodies piled
Roasted bodies like chicken laps
Women wailing and men crying

Laying helplessly in my blood bath
thinking about the people I massacred
silently praying for a time reverse
I swear I would not jazz

My husband’s head is gone!
A young lady roared
forgive me young lady
And I am sorry

Oh! My only son
the old woman barked
forgive me old woman
And I am sorry

Mother! Mother!! Wake up!!!
The young boy cried
forgive me young boy
And I am sorry

To my pregnant wife
and little son
I am sorry

I am a paddler of boat
but paddled my passengers
in a river of blood

Just a bottle of codeine
With Aspirin to jazz
and the road became gloomy
like a candle lighted room

So, I closed my eyes
to catch a little fun
suddenly, the car boomed!
Forgive me dear passengers
and I am sorry

My heart sobs in guilt
my body lay in mute
my neck is stiffed
I think am on transit
Forgive me oh Lord!
And I am sorry

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