Play me the Drum – Gideon Mariochukwu

Play me the Drum
Play me the drums, the ancient drum.
The drums that the warriors of old played.
the drums that sends joy through the spine
of our elders and make them

Play me the drums


The Drums that brings out the women
from their kitchen hut and make
the divas whisper.


Play me the drums


For I entered into the deep
sea lukewarm ocean,
I destroyed the wicked rivergod
that has killed our children
and stopped our young ones from
bathing at it’s bank.
I have killed her, yes I have!
The one that killed out fishermen and
made them sell their boats.


Play me the drums and let it’s
rythem awaken
the spirits and let it remind
the gods of victory won.


For I entered into the city,
the city our elders told little lads
at moon light,
forcing them to their sleeping
mates trembuling.
A city in the jungle; where stone
demons takes the head of men.
A city that house the furiously
misticulous beast
that made our hunters silent as
the Israelite facing Gollant.
Where none who enter ever returns


Play me the drums
For I went and returned and
have killed them all
I slayed them just like
spartacus slayed the shadow
of death and brought rain.


Play me the drum and let dancers dance,
let children Play under moon-light.

Play me the drum and let’s celebrate.

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