A Poetic Plea (to two unknown lovers about to break up) – Oladele Williams Olaide

Suppose the sun has departed so soon,
Why not enjoy the glowing evening moon?
For there appears to be a woeful wreck,
Why not redeem your lovely souls on deck?
Suppose the sun would not for once return,
Towards Selene, why not attempt a turn?
For both of you to be without remorse
For embarking on a separating course.

Permit your love another hopeful chance
And try reviving that one sweet romance.
And suppose your love’s revival knows no luck,
And by Cupid you were no longer struck,
Why not at best remain the best of friends?
Thereby relieving both divisions’ ends;
For both of you should not for once forget:
That none should later live in great regret.

But clear and plain, do conduct the bargain
That none may later stand and fain complain.

Oladele Williams Olaide is a graduate of Microbiology from the University of Ilorin, Ilorin Kwa-ra State, Nigeria. He’s currently a serving corp member. He’s a passionate writer, chiefly of poems

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