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With technological advancements, there are various options available to writers to have their work published. Click on any of the services below to read more and choose the one that suits you.

Due to the rising cost of printing hard copies, we recommend publishing your manuscripts in eBook format. It is cheaper but with enormous profit. You do not have to physically pay for prints and reprints. We design and distribute eBooks to both local and international retailers. We are also skilled in cover design and we will take care of your work’s ISBN requirement.

People everywhere are engaged almost all day with their mobile devices. With the popularity of Android OS, what better way is there to give your book the much needed exposure if not to publish it as an Android book app? It doesn’t matter whether you are published or not, as long as your manuscript is ready. We can create a book app for you and have it sold via the Google Play Store. This means that for every download, you will earn money.

We will distribute your published eBook to Amazon, Apple Store, Barnes & Noble, Kobo books, Lulu books, among others at no added cost. This means that your book will be available for purchase all over the World.

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