The quagmire – Umeh Martins Somadina

My restless voice of peace
Now the mutilated hope of the hopeless
the running ruin of homes
the father of many sorrows
this!!! they have turned me into.

Against my will I’ve killed
My nature that nurture now torture
No more home to the homeless
Nor hope to the hopeless for
I now bear the mark of guilt
Being termed a dirty game
That!! they turned me into.

Me a supposed philanthropist
Gives my power to the people
Through election to be obtained
By individual selection now detained
Aiding the golds acquire more golds
The rags left with no hopebut to gather more rags.
The mark of guilt i got
At the hands of those the flag rests on
Being termed a dirty game
By those who know not me nor my intent

Who will justify
My nature that nurture not torture?

the department of English and literature from the
University of Benin, Benin city.

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