The Rainbow “Femme“ Writer With Winifred Felix – BLACK ROSE

Jacinta had done nothing but take off her pair of high heels when the door bell rang. She thought it was her imagination playing tricks on her mind, when it rang for the second and third time. “Who could be this nice to pay a visit after all that had happened to her these past four months,?” she said to herself.
The door bell rang again, this time with more urgency.
‘’yes! Who is it? I am coming!!”
Jacinta opens the door to find a rather tall and light skinned young man, whom she considered to look like an athlete.
‘’Hello! Good evening! How may I help you?”  She spoke in her formal tone.
‘’Hello! Good evening Ma’am, I am a delivery agent and you have a package. Please put down your signature,” the young man spoke politely, while handing her a sheet of paper.
‘’Oh! Okay!” Jacinta replied rather surprised.
In a split of seconds, she had given her signature and received a box wrapped in red shiny sheets.
‘’Thank you Ma’am and have a lovely evening,’’ The delivery agent spoke, bowed with courtesy and took his leave.

She carried the box with care like a baby down to her bedroom, all the while wondering who must have sent her a package that lookeds so lovely. “Tomorrow is Saint Valentine’s Day,” she thought; “could this be from a secret admirer or lover?” She imagined.
Considering her experiences with past lovers, she had resolved to remain single for the moment. Her first lover, Williams, had been her very first crush and boyfriend; meeting him in the university they had fallen in love so fast, they had made plans for the future. Things went smoothly for them; they even won best couple during their university’s annual award.  Things changed when Williams experienced the ghastly accident that almost pronounced him dead. After that accident, he was never himself again, although she decided to stay by him through thick and thin at least that was part of the test of her true love for him until he started abusing her verbally and physically; forcing her to take the drugs he took, which shredded his brain into more pieces.
Williams was never the same. Things got to their peak when he started tying her at night and sometimes threatened to kill her. She had notified the police force soon enough before he sent her six feet below. Though Williams was taken to a psychiatric home and he was out of her life, she still had nightmares, seeing him torture her and most times she woke up screaming and crying.

Jacinta decided to relocate, if the night mares would end, and just as she imagined, a new environment did the trick; her night mares stopped, she got a good job to keep her mind busy and a wonderful flat mate Stephanie who travelled for a conference, now she was left all by herself though she didn’t worry herself much because Williams was now history and Jacobs just broke up with her with reasons of ‘’My Ex came back’’, after they had dated for almost a year.
Jacinta had consoled herself with words like ‘’maybe I need to learn more about relationships before beginning another one,’’ and had she learnt something new? Of course she had, getting books and videos on matters on relationships and dating had made her wiser.

With excitement, she decided to open the box, tearing the beautiful sheets just to unveil what is hidden beneath the sheets.
The sight that met her eyes nearly made her faint even as it brought back roots of buried memories, flooding her mind with different thoughts. She picked up the torn cloth that had been her best gift two years before; it was given to her by Williams, her first lover on Saint Valentine’s Day. Opening the box further she picked up a picture she never remembered taking though it looked very familiar; it was a picture of her tied to Williams bed, with blood and bruises all over her.
In the last content of the box, she picked up a black rose with a note attached to it that read ‘’I am coming to finish what we started three years ago. You can’t be free from me because our destinies are tied together. EXPECT ME SOON’’. Little had she finished reading the note when her mobile phone started vibrating incessantly, a call from an unknown number, she was about to pick up the phone, then the power supply went off; now she was alone in a dark and silent house.

Jacinta would have gone to put on her power generator is she hadn’t heard the shattering of the glass of her window. Her phone kept vibrating, her heart leaped as she began to hear the footsteps from her kitchen. All she could do was grab her phone, placed it on silent as she entered her wardrobe whilst praying that this murderer never finds her.

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