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Our Goal

Writers’ Space  aspires to be a hub for writing and publishing solutions which includes, networking, marketing, distribution and author support.

products and services

Editing service

We check for spelling and grammatical errors, consistency, plot structure and style, among others and include notes which would offer suggestions towards improving the narrative, structure, etc.

Book app

We can create a book app for you, which you can sell on the Android market (Google Play). This means that for every download, you would earn money. This service will soon be available for Apple devices

Publishing services

We publish your manuscripts in eBook format to be distributed to Lulu books, Amazon, Apple Store, Barnes & Noble, among others. Your work will be available to a Global audience.

Social media presence

We will set up an author page and publicise it so as to get as many followers as possible. These followers would then become your fans who would purchase your books.

Website design for writers

Every published or unpublished writer deserves a web presence. We provide this effortlessly and have got various plans to choose from. Isn’t this fascinating?

Script Analysis for Film, TV and Radio

The journey to the production of an award-winning movie or television series begins with the script. Why not let us handle it?

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We have the skills to equal customer satisfaction


We are available for consultancy services and we will deliver within the agreed time-frame.


We are committed to being the best and that is what motivates us.


All your materials are not shared with any third party. We treat each client with confidentiality.

frequently asked questions

What is Writers’ Forum?

Writers’ Forum is an online forum for writers and those that love to read. Just like in other fora, users can upload their work for others to read and offer constructive criticism. This will help shape and develop the work even further.

How Can I Enjoy Free Publicity?

We offer free publicity to writers via the writers corner. To be featured, all you have to do is to send us an email indicating that you would like to be featured on writers’ corner. We will contact you and request for any information that would be necessary in order to publicise your work. Please note that this is a free service.

How do I get a Website Designed?

We offer premium website design for authors as well as a webspace on Writers’ Space. Premium designs means that you would like your website to be However, on Writers’ Space, it would be This service is much cheaper than the premium service and you still enjoy the same benefits. In addition, you can pay monthly for it.

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