SON OF BASTARDISM – OloladeAkinlabi(Olholhadey)

Akinyele, lineage of the missionaries,
From whom we borrowed teachings
of prayers;
Kneel, perhaps, kowtow,
send your eyes into darkness.
To whom shall we wail to?
That eyes we sent to darkness
in prayers, returned.
Returned, unto our land,
intruders rule as kings.

Akinyele, son of bastardism,
To whom shall we tell?
That our product of isakole
Is a man of civilization.
Sent Ogun on exile,
Oya buried prior grave dug.
Akinyele, courtesy found
missing in your life,
Prostration is a capital punishment,
‘Hi’ is an alternative,
ye alternative you chose.
Men of white skin capsized your thoughts,
Pieces left are heaps of rubbish
in your brain.

Akinyele, son of ingrates,
Into the grave of your father
We shall post aroko, dead will hear
That Ogunkoya is traded
Richard is the return name.
Alas! Lineage name is dead without tomb.

Apeke waited till patience was anxious,
From your heaps of rubbish,
Apeke is a witch,
Elizabeth Wood is your wife.
Akinyele, son of shame.



Akinyele*, Apeke* , Ogunkoya*, are Yoruba
Isakole- Tribute.
Aroko- traditional way of sending message in
Yoruba land

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