Welcome to the Season 3 of your most romantic journal, Talking L.O.V.E with His Royal Lovjesty. By popular demand this volume is a little bigger and I hope Oga Anthony the most humble guy in Abuja and our CEO will permit the space.

First of all let us look at some mean definitions of love:

Yes, some definitions could be hard on love thus:

  1. Love is a corrupt and over burden word that helps the smart seduce and outsmart the lusty and randy.
  2. Love is dead on the shelf without money to light it up, lift it and give it value to shine and function.
  • Again, love is a mere word without its functioning value.


  • Love is a basic self-expression.
  • Love is an embodiment of very good things.
  • Love is a response to divine rule which says, “Love one another.”


  1. As we have seen love is like the air we breathe and determines how we live and how we do what we do and we did not do.
  2. Again love is like blood of live. The quality of blood life in our veins determines our state of health and temperament.
  • Love and life make an eternal compromise.
  1. Love is an art.
  2. Love is an act of faith.
  3. Love is the taste and the flavor of life.
  • True love is the expression of the deepest aspirations.
  • To love somebody you must appreciate the best of him and discard the rest.


No matter how you look or define it, love remains one of the most essential things in human life, infact one of the very things that make us humans.

Love is like the air we breathe. If you don’t take it in; you wouldn’t have it. If you breathe in the good air, good health is what you get. If you take in polluted air, that’s also what you get with the attendant ills. If you remain passive, then passivity is what you get. So you can see that what you put into love is what you get out of it. Again, like the air that we breathe; it determines the state of our health and wellbeing.

Thus said, love could be seen as a thing of the mind, what you think love is, that’s what love is and as they say in computer, garbage in garbage out.

Again love is one of the most beautiful things in life. That same love has killed most of its devotees and moved others to murder or got killed.

It was love that made Romeo and Juliet legendary figures as well as worthy names even though fictional there had ever being even stronger cases all around us that went on without being recorded.

Love is one of the major deciding factors in decision making. You hear things like, “I did it because I love you….”

People have walked extra miles and exposed self to various degrees of danger because of love and many others had been called fools because of the same love.

In fact, it is clear that anyone who does not have anything to love and, live and die for has no life to live at all and has no respect even in death. And if you have problem dropping money to maintain love then you get love that suffers maintenance … yes, like our roads – battered.


Before you talk about love with any level of sincerity you must look at the following. However the list is not exhaustive, nobody can list them all as it affects different individuals.


From our discussions so far you can see that love is a purpose of its own. Without the purpose love is nothing. A lot of people had not been able to separate love in the love songs and the movies from the actual life and we continued to see wasted energy in motion without purpose.

We have heard some people say, “I love you.”

The other now said, “Why do you love me?”

Next you see the first speaker lost. The fellow who just confessed love has no purpose to the love he claimed and he had not even been tested yet.

Some say, “I love you.”

Next the other says, “I love you too.”

This is just like people reading a script in a movie and love can’t blossom that way. If you want your flower to bloom you tender it with care beginning from the purpose of why you must have the flower.

There must be a purpose, a “why”. This determines how much you wish to go and how much you can go.


Love is a sacrifice. Without sacrifice love is nothing. It is because so many people want to sing love songs and make no sacrifice that turns sour and you might not call it love in the first place.

What have you got to offer even at a great cost and pains to yourself.

We have seen people cropping people they claimed to love just because somebody dropped a careless rumor. They will claim betrayal. “He never told me … He lied to me … He was cheating on me…”

The truth is the ego. You are afraid people will say you are weak because you did not discard your lover after somebody had said something. It doesn’t if the gossip who had not told you his/her interest in your affairs is lying or not. You are concern with what people would say and not protecting the bridge you have built even when you know people don’t like beautiful things happening for you.


Love is patience. It needs time and space to handle it’s own challenges.

Mrs. Hilary Clinton helped spoilers to eat their own heads. She knew the man she married is no saint and stood by him even in his hardest times.

God blessed her with being a senator and Secretary of State in the U.S government and there is no stopping her. It’s all Clinton’s goodwill, he is proud of her and God will continue adding to it.

The one that married Tiger Wood took off to become press darling. Wish her luck

Again you must think twice of women who got attached to a man/woman when heading for the top, they want a place by him on top and wouldn’t mind detaching him when she can expand her place on top.


This is one of the biggest things in love. Are you committed? How far can you go and what can you do in the name of love.


Love demands great attention. How much attention can you give to love?


Love is a time eater. Love demand for your time and love means you give it as much as you can.


Love places its own demand without compromise. All those give me … give me that makes some people crazy is also love. However, the greatest task could be on your time when you are supposed to be on the phone or serve breakfast in bed when you should be hustling for money.


What can you compromise in the name of love? Yes, because you are going to give up a lot and you better think fast when your best is not enough.


There should be only one reason underlying your actions in love. That reason is L.O.V.E. You must live, breathe and sleep it because there will be no other reason for what you do. This is where selfishness and jealousy comes in love because your object of affection will always like to have it all and alone.


Before you fall into that love please consider the above and many more. However, there are other things you must know before you fall in that love:


Can you handle selfishness?

Your love is going to need it. Yes, the object of your affection is going to need you are selfish demanding for all you are worth just for her/him, no exception unless it’s her/his desire.

Children who love their father wouldn’t let him have time for their mother or other siblings. It’s the same when they love their mother.

There are men who had fought their wives because she had time only for the children. Women had fought their husbands for the same.


A good love must function so before you fall in that love you must define how that love will function.

Yes, love must do things. Something must happen in love and will certainly no be in the script. When love stops to perform functions boredom creeps in and the partners start looking elsewhere, things fall apart and the center cannot hold. At this point there is no cure but only the history of how it used to be and that belongs to yesterday.


How do you handle the fast pace in love?

When you are in love there are the gossips, the warmth you must provide, the food to put on the table, demand of your time and taste and so much more you go crazy.

Most great love had bust by the seam because the partners cannot handle the dynamics of love. 


How do you maintain love?

This venture is going to task your time and resources.

You better think you cannot survive on kisses alone and “I love you do not pay bills.”


How do you test your love?

So many loves collapse at the first test of what they call love.


For me there is nothing like love until it has passed through the crucible of fire.

Have your love pass the litmus test? I believe if Mrs. Hilary Clinton tells me today she loves her husband I will believe her before she completes the sentence. Some said it’s for political ambition and why not love must be for something. It is those “I love you for nothing I worry about.” 

Now let’s take a bow and I hope I tried small. See you in Season 4 when we ask the question; HOW DO YOU DISPLAY YOUR LOVE?   db.

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