The Watch Tower of January 2012 asked, how did Abraham display love? Abraham showed that he loved his family. Undoubtedly, Abraham was a busy man. Yet, he never neglected his family’s emotional and spiritual needs.

It was on record that Abraham even took the lead of worshipping in his household and Genesis 22.2 referred to Isaac as the son who you so loved. This shows that Abraham’s love for his son Isaac was so much that it was worth recording even in the scriptures. Another instance is the manner he mourned his wife Sarah, he wailed over her endlessly. Though a strong man, he was not ashamed to show his grief. He shows a beautiful blend of strength and gentleness. Abraham loves God and expressed that love throughout his life.

1 John 5:3 says, this is what the love of God means, that we observe his commandments. Abraham became the father of nations by the blessing of obeying that command. Born in Ur a large prosperous city where his father Terah and others worshipped idols, he had learned about the living God from Noah’s son, Shem who witnessed and survived the great flood.

Abraham displays his love by:

FAITH: Firm belief in something unseen. This based on solid evidence; focus on the fulfillment of promises believing they are as good as done. When God asked him to leave his comfortable life in Ur to the land he will show him, he got his family ready and went on the trip to an unknown destination.
His wife Sarah also shows faith by following him without questions.

11) COURAGE: Quality of being strong, bold and valiant. He was born in a place

where people worship idols but he was bold enough to make his own choice of

worshipping God even when it was going against the crowd.

111) HUMILITY: Freedom from pride or arrogance. It was recorded that Abraham

gladly serves others. When he saw three strangers he quickly set out to

accommodate their needs while his wife served them food.


The word function as used here is practical and useful. This is saying that love is not just a four letter word spelt L.O.V.E.

This means that love is not just another word spoken for the sake of it but something like religion spoken with faith to perform functions and achieve aims as well as provide soothing spring for the world in general.

It has been said and true that only love can bring and establish peace in our world. The moment we start seeing love as something to behold and believe with faith then things start to change for good.

Love is actually a practical tool, a chisel to carve a niche of so many good things and leave happiness in stones as well as sheer bliss even in frozen cold hearts.

The glow that comes at the affection of loving kindness spreads true warmth and deep blue beauty around the body and soul.

A player or practitioner of the loving concept will not say the word, love for the sake of it but do so with deep profanity and beauty of deep healing affection.

Love heals, when, I love you, is said with all sincerity. I can do anything for you, said in truth; it goes along way planting flower bloom in the heart.

Given love you simply, live sleep, breathe act and play love un-end. True love must bring joy and beauty to the world of the object and fulfillment to the giver. Nobody gives and receives love and remain ugly. Love is the light of the world and wherever it is spoken the world feels better for it.

They say that; action speaks louder than words. A loving deed goes a long way above poetry and ballads. This means that love should be given more in action more times than in words.

Look at this case, Benny and El-Grace had been in love for nine months. One night she got sick in his house. He took her to a hospital and called her parents who rushed to her side. However, Benny never returned to her because his job schedule was tight and she should understand the job is important.

As it happened she stopped seeing him when she was discharged. You can say she should understand that he needs the job and the money but what about the commitment of love? Love too has a price tag! And as they say, love doesn’t ask why.

In another case Eugene was in Enugu when he was called that his heart throb Ndi was hospitalized in Sokoto. He borrowed some money, asked for permission at work to travel and left even when the permission was not granted. He nursed her to good health and returned to Enugu to get his letter of termination of appointment. He did not worry instead the two got married. It took him another six months to get another job but Eugene was not bothered.

A respondent said Eugene was foolish to risk his job while another said he was not a doctor so why not send the bills to Sokoto. However, for Eugene the cure for his woman is his love and nothing was enough.

But then, looking at the economy today the respondent that called him a fool might still be right but love induce a lot of silly actions, only loving eyes see what the risk is all about and it’s truly blessed to love and be loved.

This illustrated the practical nature of love. Something must happen when you make a sacrifice, make an offering or even take a risk for love- action /deeds look more in the eyes of love.

Love is useful when it makes the players do things they wouldn’t have done ordinarily.

For instance Eugene confessed that he never took that decision when his brother had even a more serious problem in Owerri. That he acted even without thinking. “Before I even thought about it I was already moving,” he said.

The usefulness of love enables us to test our love as seen in the two illustrations above. It also enables us to make sacrifices and enables us to look back. Infact, you wouldn’t have loved until you have been able to test it. As seen above the two married even when there was no job in sight. Ndi had found a man worthy of her love.

Love does not consider economics, pros and cons.

Love makes you even borrow to get the other out of trouble and you in turn see the worth of the other by his action and then reciprocate accordingly. When that expectation was not met we get disappointed and love evaporates like dews on leaf blade.

Love helps us to solve problems and to forgive.

Mimi a small time trader had to forget paying for her goods to bail Obite out of police problem that cannot wait. She had to take the risk for love.

There are also hundred percent foolish cases.

This young lady went to buy JAMB form. She met a young man there and they got talking. When it was time to pay for the form his money was not complete and she had no extra. She gave him part of her money so he could buy the form. She did not buy her own because there was no money; they left the place to a joint where they spent the little money left with her before finding a nest with the rest with a promise to see the next day. The young man did not turn up at the hotel and she had no way of finding him.

Her lies at home did not yield more money from her parents and she lost the chance for admission that year. That lady is still living with her disappointment and betrayal as her parents turned their back on her at hearing the truth.

However, there is something I called the handicap nature of love. Look again at the case of Eugene and Ndi, do you know she could just leave him in the period of no job and no money? That means; the fact that Eugene made that level of sacrifice does not guarantee that Ndi will return same. This is where a genuine lover was called foolish. But lovers will always be lovers.

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