YOU TAUGHT ME LOVE (for Favour) – Eyimofe Samuel Wilkie

You taught me to crawl
into your chest
With songs in my tongue and life in
my palms,
You taught me to carry fires in my
eyes with magical flames on my
cheeks like an elixir
For when I reach at the threshold of
your heart
I should knock gently with the
hands of my heart
And sing softly
with the lips of my soul
For you will fly down with your
wings of love like an angel
To liberate the doors of your heart
So I may creep in
with a mantle of purity
Tucked on my waist to bow
before your crown,
And confess out my emotions
like a sinner.
Then wear your heart on my soul
like the garment of contrition
for there is salvation in it,
And peel the skin
clothing your heart
for there is healing
and miracle in it.
And then gasp a breath from the
nostrils of your heart
into my nostrils like an addict
for there is eternity in it.

This is how you taught me to love
With ripples of beautiful memories
swirling in my brains
And sparkles of lights fuming in
my tummy like fireflies.

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