Taughts – John Oche

Don’t drive me crazy
With your actions
Don’t make me stupid
With your words
I have fought wars
With my hands
I worked well
With this heart of mine
Now there is no sequence
From this heart to my brain
My vessels no longer understand quiet
For trouble has taken over my veins
I bathed in the fountains
Making it home
Before you came
Now those waters make me shiver
Don’t do this to me
If you want my hands
Take it but confuse me not
How can you take my hands so helplessly?
And take another the same way
When you can ask anything of me
I could offer my heart on a platter
But its been yours ever since
My heart yearns to tell you this
But from my childhood
I was taught to be Royal
Now I beg that you listen
To my captive heart
For it will tell you what
My words deny.

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