When Christmas Falls

 In Literary Space, poetry

When Christmas fall by your balcony

Up, up to your neighbors

‘Haps to Abe, and bid him

“A merry Christmas and a happy chicken”

And when Abe, had had a sweet night

And dreamt of Santa Claus, of red, of white

Of glamorous furnishings, of pretty fireworks

And the grace Christmas brings

Of church, of jingling bells, of hymns, of carols

Of praises, of melodies and the gratification music gives

Of chicken wings, of bottles, of wine, of aromas

Of candies, of Pavlovas, of diabetes

And cavity after New Year

Of gold, of myrrh, and of frankincense

Of thankfulness and reconciliation

Of stars, of mangers and the success of the three sages

Of an infant emperor, long birthed in Bethlehem

And the merry of a new year’s eve

Of how he, Abe rendered to the poor

Like him, Abe, go dream, love, learn to give

Find cheer, but friend, you better be wary.


by Awuah Mainoo Gabriel,


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