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‘So I don’t know if I should start asking you out,’ he said, holding my soft hands with his firm, strong ones, and his eyes not the wide, bright ones I used to know, they were now slightly closed, red, and laced with affection.


I smiled and told him I didn’t know, the choice was his after all, mine was to enjoy the attention, the attraction, and to say No. But as I looked at him, I knew I had made a terrible mistake, I should have just started another conversation to cover it up. God! His gaze was enough to undress me. I quickly moved my hands and he looked away, trying to secure my hands again, anything to stop him from looking at me like he would make love to me at the spot.

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‘I love you,’ he blurted out, I knew that whatever would keep me in check would have to be God’s miracle. ‘Not only do I love you, I want you,’ he stressed. Those words shook me as an earthquake shakes houses, and I went blank, not knowing what to say, do or look again, because he already had my face turned to face his. I couldn’t but look into his lit up eyes, our noses up close to each other, I could feel him breathe, and I found myself praying, God please help me, please.


By┬áNanaaysha – Shittu Aisha Adetoun,


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